Five Yang science and technology member enterprise stock code:300420
  • The nature of the company

    The private joint-stock enterprises
  • Set up time

    The company was founded in 1993
  • Registered capital

    200 million RMB
  • Place of registration

    Guangdong city of Shenzhen Province
  • The total assets of the company

    500 million yuan

In 1993, we made the future

Shenzhen Weichuang automation equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Weichuang automation") was founded in 1993, based on the intelligent manufacturing, is committed to providing automation control system and information system integration solutions in industrial robots, automated production line, flexible mechanical parking equipment, logistics and warehousing automation equipment has formed a series of mature and independent brands, independent intellectual property products, is currently the largest domestic intelligent manufacturing equipment suppliers.

Set up 24 years ago, the founder of good governance, innovation, has always been adhering to the "all tocustomer value" business philosophy, through continuous efforts of the company was extremely hard and bitter leap, development trend, in the industry forefront of intelligent manufacturing industry. In 2015, Flextronics automation and the five foreign shares listed on the gem of the combination to achieve the dream, to become the domestic garage industry only a large enterprises listed on the gem.

"We put the Weichuang automation production safety" for the enterprise development strategy, to achieve customer safe and efficient, time-saving and labor-saving, and the purpose of development as a mission, around the three-dimensional intelligent parking, automatic production line, three-dimensional intelligent storage three main business segments, to provide customized solution, equipment production and manufacturing, installation and maintenance of integrated services for customers. In the field of intelligent parking service, Weichuang automation market share in the forefront of the industry, the number of parking spaces has a total production of more than 200 thousand; in the field of automatic production line, display the world's largest manufacturer of Taiwan AOC, the leading domestic refrigerator manufacturers Midea, TV manufacturers Hisense, TCL and GREE electric air-conditioning manufacturers and other famous brands manufacturers are in the forefront of new clients; warehouse equipment, products and services of domestic famous logistics enterprises and commercial enterprises Jingdong SF EXPRESS mall has pioneered the use of Weichuang automation.

The future, the company will continue to base on the field of intelligent manufacturing industry, relying on the 4, further innovation, make efforts, to provide intelligent solutions for more enterprises.

  • Shenzhen Weichuang, more than twenty years of sword

    Shenzhen was founded in 1993, is a company with more than 20 years of experience in automation equipment manufacturing, national high-tech enterprise R & D, design, production, sales and service in one of the domestic automation equipment, is one of the strongest and largest manufacturing enterprises.

  • Strong research enterprises, Flextronics will never stop

    Patent: the company has 100 patents, 17 invention patents, 20 software copyrights automation control;
    - technical personnel: R & D center has nearly 200 professional and technical personnel.
    2006: won the "special equipment manufacturing license"
    In 2008 through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
    2009: won the "national high tech enterprise"
    2010: the ISO14001:2004 environmental protection system certification, ROHS certification, CE certification
    2011: won the "Shenzhen patent award"
    2012: the GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety management system certification
    2012: won the "Shenzhen City Robot Association member unit" title
    2013: Chinese won the "most innovative Award for electronic equipment"
    2014: won the "Guangdong famous trademark" honorary title
    2016 was named the "national model enterprise of industrial brand"

The three bases, over 200 thousand square meters

  • Dongguan base

    Rome Dongguan Road, the New Town Jinshan Industrial Park Flextronics Industrial Park

  • Hefei base

    Hefei Economic Development Zone Industrial Park Development Zone Peach Road West of Mt. Hengshan

  • Base - Xuzhou

    Xuzhou Copper Mt. Zhujianglu Road District No. 39

Big heart forging craftsmen, Seiko quality

Thoroughly tempered, the pursuit of excellence, strict in demands, down-to-earth, the spirit of "the customer is responsible for, so that customer satisfaction" work attitude and pursuit, by inheriting and studying, with attention and carefully honed to create a stick, Flextronics Seiko quality products. Carry forward the great artisan spirit, first-class brand, let Weichuang become a respected business 100 years!